Tuesday, June 19, 2012

OTW balik SABAH!!!

this is serius moment everybody 
relax, take a deep breath
and now the annoucement will be make

i'm coming back to SABAH!! 
just want to tell you that i'm will be back to sabah 
on 9 sept, u know 
feeling sad and with this heavy heart 
will be flying back after 9 month
living in johor..

heheh blk sabah for good everyone 
blk sner smbg study lg sethn..
pray the best for me..hehe

praktikal di Jabatan Pertanian belum abis lagi,
ad about 3 months to finished
anvious, nervous n semua rasa ad la
bitter feeling also there..
ofcourse la ad,adat hidup kot..
heheh but pape pun fun and hoping the best 

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