Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dunia ku bermula disini!!!

heheh..first time tulis kat blog nih..

Nama Siti norsyafiqah khairuddin

umur 20..lahir on 28 Ogos 1990

now study at Universiti Malaysia Sabah

taking Teknologi Makanan dan Pemakanan ku ramai terdiri drpd orang-orang dalam industri makanan

jd jangan hairan aku ikut langkah diorang nih...hahah

This piCture taken by my brother..

me,my little sis,mom,papa n my second little sis

this piCture taken by me

my little brother is there..hehe

This is my FAMILY

my papa is Khairuddin bin A.hamid
one that always told that he cant give anything like money to us his children except knowledge

my mom is Rosidah binti Sanip
she always love me te way she are eventhough i would not noticed it..

my second younger sis is Siti norsyazana Khairuddin
she is the one that very clever,always on her book

then my younger brother is Mohd Norsyafiq Khairuddin
he always on his lappy but has very unique brain

my little sis is Siti norsyahirah Khairuddin
she is always look like me,but inside is like my second younger sis

hahahha...this is my happy family...

this is my Lovely house...this is where i live..

This is me...i love the way i am

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